POTT Manu'facture - Tailor-made pants

Pasteurstraße 34

Handschrift 'Manufaktur' Manufaktur


Manuela Pott
manufactures bespoke trousers from premium quality denim, cotton and wool.

 Bild einer
        Straße, von oben ragen die Beine einer Person ins Bild die bei gerade mit einem Luftsprung die Hacken
        schlägt. Die Person Trägt eine Jeans von Pott

All cuts, all sizes. High quality, one-off pieces. Replica of your favourite trousers. For everyday wear, for style and longevity.


Handschrift 'Stoffe' Stoffe


Selected fabrics using traditional methods.
Finest craftmanship, superb colour stability.

 ein junger Mann mit
        Basecap und Sonnenbrille, weissem t-shirt und Jeans von Pott vor einer mit Grafitti besprühten alten Hauswand

Japanese Kuroki Denim,
9 – 21oz.

Cotton for workwear,
245 – 350g.

New wool in check, fishbone, pinstripe, plain etc.,
330 – 990g.


 Handschrift 'Fertigung' Fertigung


Customer brings a favourite pair of trousers as a sample.

Creation of a pattern. Customer choice of trouser pockets, lining, yarn and buttons. Personalised details on request. Bespoke fitting and customisation.

 Nahaufnahme, ein Knopf wird angenäht

Enjoy a superior wearing comfort through tailor-made work.
Act sustainably.
Show personality.


Visit the studio or make an appointment. You're not from Berlin? No problem! Patterns can also be made from trousers sent by post. These must be 100% cotton or denim trousers without stretch.

Phone: +49 151 656 617 00
Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday & Friday 12–16:00pm
Wednesday 12–18:00pm
and on appointment

Pott Manu'facture

Pasteurstraße 34
10407 Berlin
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Delivery times & service

The average delivery time for a pair of trousers is 14 days, but is only binding once the order has been placed.

Trousers made in the workshop can be submitted for alterations & repairs.

Jeans hems are cut using the legendary Union Special 43200G chainstitch machine.

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